Since earlier, the representative of Taiwan Foundry Society (TFS), Professor Yang had invited CEO of the American Foundry Society (AFS), Mr. Doug Kurkul came to Taiwan to participate the annual meeting and exhibition of TFS in 9th -17th November 2019.

During the annual meeting, Mr. Doug Kurkul gave a presentation about the current situation of global economic industry, outlook of global foundry market, opportunities and challenges for foundries.

Mr. Doug Kurkul participated and being witnessed in signing the contract of Green Sand Control equipment between NCTH and Chao Chi Industrial Co., Ltd. In order to improve the technology of foundry factory become modern casting technology in Taiwan. We believe that the advanced technology in foundry equipment will become the opportunity for all foundry factory in Taiwan.

We hope through this meeting, it could let Mr. Doug Kurkul had a more understanding about the culture and environment in Taiwan especially in Foundry Industry and co We believed that the relationship between AFS, TFS and NCTH could be improved after this period of meeting in Taiwan.