Professional Casting Manufacturing

Belloi & Romagnoli, Italy, was founded in 1950 and incorporated automatic control systems after the industrial revolution. Good at combining one’s own design capabilities with customization to meet customer needs.

  • Core price
    1. Specialized customization
    2. Application of hydraulic drive
    3. Have good design, control and integration technology
  • Background history
    Founded in 1950, the city of Mondna, Italy, has been providing innovative technologies, high-quality equipment, and customized services in the casting industry for many years.
    Leading position in the European market, with products sold all over the world in the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Slovenia, Russia, Argentina, India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Taiwan and other countries .
  • Professional made
    BRAP multi-piston automatic mould making machine
    Compaction molding machine
    Extrusion plate moulding machine
    Powerful sand mixer
    Green sand cooler
    Sand and castings are swollen
    Rotating screen
    Design and manufacture of automated foundry
    Skip lift
  • Equipment introduction
    Multipiston Moulding Machines:Controllable pressure zone, uniform sand mold hardness, large complex castings, improved dimensional accuracy, casting finish, high efficiency, and low cost.

Green Sand Intensive Mixer:Intensive mixing, sand weighing system, fully automatic circulation, high efficiency, point saving and low maintenance.
Sand and Casting Cooling Drum:Simultaneous cooling and precise control of water output, humidity and temperature.
Rotary Screen:Filter sand block, filter sand core, cooling effect
Complete Automatic Moulding Line:The experience of working in Taiwan for more than 30 years can be combined with the professional planning experience of Belloi & Romagnoli in Italy over a half century.

From understanding the needs, to planning and construction, to the acceptance in Taiwan, the Italian technicians are committed to satisfying each project and making the casting technology more perfect.

In addition, the company that sees stocks in the company has a full range of mechanical equipment products except Belloi & Romagnoli’s agent. At the same time, various types of pure metals, iron alloys, refractory materials, casting materials, and on-line sand detection systems are provided. If you want to know and inquire about equipment, please contact us.