Pioneer In The Manufacture Of Refractory Materials

Dörentrup was founded in 1901 and was one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of refractory products for the foundry industry in Germany. Our company philosophy, which builds on innovations and customers, has remained unchanged and is as successful as ever.

Dörentrup produce fire resistant lining for melting, holding, pouring, transport, and treatment furnaces:

  • Refractory materials
  • Pre-fabricated, ready-to-install modules
  • Ready-to-use, highly economical pre-fabricated DORIT-crucibles
  • Mica products and insulation
  • Lining tools

Dörentrup customers notably include the following branches:

  • Foundry industry
  • Metal production industry

Dörentrup products and systems have proven themselves here for decades in the processing of iron, steel, heavy metal and light metal.

NCTH provides various types of pure metals, iron alloys, refractory materials, casting materials, and on-line sand detection systems are provided. If you want to know and inquire about equipment, please contact NCTH.