Expert In On-Line Wet Sand Process Control

NCTH agent Green Sand Controls on-line green sand process control expert.Used to control the production and quality of green sand used in the metal manufacturing industry.

Product description:GSC Green Sand Control Expert ETA Model 3000 has the following five operating characteristics:

  1. Fully automatic control system (also can be operated manually)
  2. Control the addition of water, clay and various auxiliary materials
  3. Stable control of the strength and compression ratio of casting sand through humidity and temperature
  4. Automatically adjust the clay addition through the strength and compression ratio data
  5. Daily data analysis and recording

Temperature, weight and humidity detection system:The temperature, weight and humidity detection system “adjusts the water volume after calculation”, so that the system sand “has a high-quality sand mixing ratio” before modeling.

  • Thermocouple: Detect the sand return temperature
  • Weighing sensor: to detect the weight of a single batch
  • Humidity probe: detect humidity with current value

Automatic Laboratory-Compressive C B Value Measurement System:The compressibility CB value measurement system can “automatically adjust the amount of water and additives” to achieve the “required compressibility” of the system sand.

  • Take sand samples from the outlet of the sand mixer: determine the compressibility
  • Record physical/chemical parameters
  • Record process parameters
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A B Automatic viscosity control system:The AB automatic viscosity control system can “automatically adjust additives” to make the system sand achieve “stable viscosity”.

  • Display and query production parameters
  • Record process parameters

Configuration system

  • Sampling test instrument & PLC automatic console (standard configuration)
  • Moisture/temperature probe (standard)
  • Water filling system (standard configuration)
  • Pneumatic clay conveyor (optional)
  • Sand storage bucket weighing system (optional)

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