Forging And Future

The Taiwan Forging Association is located in the Metal Industry Research and Development Center and has been established for 17 years.
The purpose is to research, promote forging technology, apply and assist members to expand economic and trade development.


  • Matters concerning the research and discussion of forging academic and engineering technology and the holding of lectures.
  • Regarding accepting commissions to study forging technical issues and appraising the quality of forging equipment and workpieces.
  • Matters concerning the formulation of forging terms and the research and development of forging standards and construction specifications.
  • Matters concerning the collection of forging materials and the investigation of forging at home and abroad.
  • Matters concerning the publication and distribution of journals and forging books.
  • Matters concerning the training of forging talents.
  • Matters concerning connection and exchange with relevant international organizations.
  • About the promotion of forging academic and engineering cooperation with the government, industry and academia in the construction of education cooperation technology transfer.
  • Regarding the suggestions made by the members of the Association, if the council considers it to be beneficial to the members, the Association shall actively deal with and inform them.
  • Assist members of this association to actively expand economic and trade development: organize various international trade exhibitions and international economic and trade conferences, organize delegations to go abroad or invite foreign trade.