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Taiwan Foundry Society is one of the few academic units in Taiwan’s foundry industry that has been certified by the government

  • Background
    Way back in 1954 when the UN specialist Mr. Smith came to Taiwan to help with the steel industry’s technical improvement, I had a conversation with him about Taiwan’s foundry industry then. He felt that the foundry industry fell significantly behind the advanced countries in terms of factory plants, facilities, equipment, techniques, and concepts. He thought that Taiwan should establish a foundry society to bring all local foundry professionals together to work collectively in order to systematically and quickly bring this already lag-behind industry to progressive advancement. Smith also said that foundry societies are found in almost all advanced countries in Europe and America and hoped to establish one in Taiwan as soon as possible. The establishment of a society was unexpectedly difficult though. Smith’s statement did stir up some ripples. However, the organization did not take shape until a dozen years later when the society was formally established on March 22, 1966.
  • OriginTaiwanProvince listed the heavy industry as one of the key areas in its phase IV economic development plan. Since the metal industry is the base of heavy industry and the foundry is the backbone of metal industry. Without a sound foundry industry, it is extremely difficult for other machine industries to grow. Therefore, to accomplish overall prosperity and growth, improving and advancing foundry industry is the first priority.
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Metal IndustriesResearch &Development Centre(The Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, MIRDC, is an oragnization co-founded by the ROC government and the United Nations. With its founding mission to advance Taiwan’s metal industries, the MIRDC conducted a comprehensive survey on the province’s foundry industry in the winter of 1964 to identify various technical, business, management issues in the industry and to seek further solutions. That same year MIRDC held a Taiwan Foundry Industry Meeting from June 19 to 20, bringing industry leaders, practitioners, administrators, scholars together to explore ways to advance the foundry industry. Several resolutions targeting specific issues were adopted to improve the fundamental landscape of the industry. Among the resolutions adopted was the proposal for the establishment of the foundry society to faciliate more techical exchanges among industry practioners, to serve as the research center for the country’s foundry industry and to connect and develop close relationships with peer organizations in other countries. The proposal was supported unanimously by all conference participants with eager anticipation for speedy establishment so that the society may help carry out its tasks for the country’s phase IV economic development plan.)— excerpt from “The Origin of Founding of the Chinese Foundrymen’s.

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