NCTH won the “Forward-looking Member Award” at the Onward 80 Low Carbon Joint Achievements Exhibition🎉

❗️The Carbon Inventory Report has been completed at the end of 2023. ❗️
In order to implement the annual goal of “Increase Revenue, Reduce Fees, and Striving to Meet the Standards” of NCTH
, we have implemented the core concept of establishing the PLUS+ brand –
“Deeply explore the fields of environmental protection and waste reuse, promote the economy while also taking into account the environment.” “
Our company actively participated in the “Small and Medium Enterprises Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Promotion Plan”
promoted by the Low Carbon Industry Sustainability Alliance (LCIA) of the Taichung City Government and was awarded the Prospective Member Award.

“Carbon economy” has become the mainstream.
Environmental protection and corporate social responsibility are urgent.
The government is also actively promoting it, hoping
to achieve the goal of net-zero industry through the combination of resources from industry, government, and academia. Sustainable Taichung’s good economy!

ESG is an investment, invest in our next generation, and work together to create a healthier world and a richer society.💗

Picture/partial data source: Taichung City Government Global Information Network