Chairman Cai Jiachong of Ji De Xing has served as the 21st president of the Taiwan Precision Casting Industry Association and has successfully stepped down. During his 112-year 🤝
During his 112-year tenure, Mr. Cai joined the lecture format through association reunions.
Allow participating members to learn new knowledge and promote industry knowledge exchange💪🏻
Season 1: Positive Psychology, observing merit rather than fault
Season 2: Government R&D Program Resource Application and Application – Dr. Zhang Ruimo of the Metal Center
Season 2: Team Growth and Change – Mingchang International Zhang Tingwei Chairman
Season 3: Carbon Emission Wave and Dual-Axis Transformation – Low Carbon Alliance Huang Xianyi Chairman
Season 3: Corporate M&A required for bosses Deloitte Financial Consultants Co., Ltd. Lin Xinping, Lawyer
In the post-epidemic era, we will lead the association members to visit the GIFA exhibition in Thailand in September 2023.
Let Taiwan’s foundry industry connect with the world, observe and learn! Realize the vision we had when we took over in 2012!
In addition to the handover ceremony, this association reunion also invited Director Wang Kaili, EMBA Director of the School of Management of Tunghai University.
It is an honor to share “Global Economic Trends and Investment Outlook” with us!
The participating members also benefited a lot and gained a lot🤩
Although he resigned from the position of president in 2012,
However, Mr. Cai Jiachong, Chairman of Ji Dexing, will still be committed to the industrial exchange of Taiwan’s precision casting industry and do his best!